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Beth Hoffner, RN

Hypnotherapist, Lifestyle Coach & Educator

To discover your Best Life, start from within

What is Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis?

~Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, we are all in trance many times each day. (ex: engrossed in a movie or book, highway hypnosis)

~The hypnotherapist does not control the client.   

~Hypnosis can't make you do anything against your will.

~Hypnosis is a state of increased awareness.

~You will probably feel awake and be able to hear everything that is said.  Your mind may even drift off to other things during the session, which is normal. 

~Hypnosis taps the power of the subconscious mind; where emotions, habits, beliefs and automatic bodily functions such as breathing and digestion take place.

~You can go into a trance sitting down, standing up, lying down, with eyes open, with eyes closed, etc.


Uses of Hypnosis:

~In the hands of a qualified and skilled hypnotherapist, hypnosis can be a valuable ally for healing, self-improvement, pain management, habit control and much more.

~Though many people are familiar with the success of hypnosis in smoking cessation and weight loss, most are unaware of its powerful uses as an anesthetic and to speed healing.

~Hypnosis has long been used to help people suffering from trauma and to overcome roadblocks originating from past experiences.

~Hypnosis has been used by law enforcement to help witnesses increase recall. 

~Hypnosis can be used to overcome anxieties fear and phobias.

~Hypnosis is a powerful tool for performance enhancement and goal setting.

~The hypnotic state is a great stress buster.

~Every situation can benefit from having the powerful inner mind on your side.

~Both the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association approved hypnosis as a valid therapeutic modality in the late 1950's.